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CCTV Service Plan

At Northern Entry Solution we understand the undoubted benefits of CCTV systems but are far too familiar with the frustrations and stress many experience when a camera loses video or your recorder malfunctions. Or the stress of the footage being called upon either by law enforcement, insurance or HR purposes depending on your environment. 

We have a range of service plans to suit you that caters for all of the above to be your 4th emergency service when you need it most. If you require a bespoke service plan please contact us where we can cater and quote individually.

  • CCTV Maintenance

    Every month
    • Footage Extraction (2 callouts per annum)
    • 10% discount on labour costs
    • Free site Visit for time change
  • Complete CCTV Plan

    Every month
    Complete CCTV system Management
    • Unlimited footage extraction callouts*
    • Free visits for time changes
    • 20% Discount on call out charges
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